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There is a material that rivals granite countertops in Madison, WI as far as aesthetics and functionality. A very popular alternative is quartz.

To be clear, quartz itself is a material that is manufactured, where quartzite is a natural stone. Today’s quarts can very closely mimic the look and feel of quartzite, making quartz countertops in Madison, WI a nice choice for any indoor application. But what care is needed for this type of countertop? How do you clean it? The answers are very simple and we will clarify them here.

Routine Quartz Countertop Cleaning

Spills and messes are a common occurrence, especially in the kitchen. If you have quartz countertops in Madison, you have a very easy time cleaning up those spills. A damp cloth with a mild dishwashing soap will do the trick for fresh spills.

If you have a spill that has been on the countertop for a while, know that quartz countertops will resist staining. Try a grass cleaner with a nonabrasive sponge to pick up the dried mess. If it’s a particularly stubborn spill, you could also use a plastic scraper to chip away at it.

Occasional Deep Cleaning

Over time, you may find food and mineral deposits from water droplets have formed a residue on your quartz countertops. This is normal and it can be cleaned with a little extra attention. By using some white vinegar in a solution with water or lemon juice, you can work that residue right out.

While vinegar is a great natural cleanser, if you don’t have any around, hydrogen peroxide will do just as well. Make sure you wipe the counter down with water afterward.

Cleaning Tough Gunk

For more difficult stains like ink or glue, an oil-based gunk remover can be used to dissolve the mess in a few minutes. Then it can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Keeping That Quartz Countertop Shine

As your countertop ages, it may lose some of its luster but a wipe with a glass cleaner can maintain that shine. As well, some things to avoid with your quartz countertop include:

  • Abrasive cleaners and tools
  • High heat
  • The outdoors, as this is not a natural stone.

With just a few simple damp wipes and the right cleanser, you can keep your quartz countertops look their best.