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Nothing takes away from the beauty of natural countertops like granite or marble than clutter. Utensils, dishes, and pots all seem to sit in plain sight sometimes, making it feel like you just have too much going on.

But there are several different ways to organize your kitchen countertops so you can remove that clutter and let your entire kitchen shine.

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It goes without saying that removing the clutter altogether will clear your countertops but there has to be a place to put everything. By removing those items that you don’t use frequently, like that weekly crockpot, for example, you free up plenty of space to let your kitchen countertops peak through.

If you don’t have enough cupboard space, think of adding a small shelf that can at least lift your clutter off the countertop to give you more room to work with.

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Some things are needed on the countertop, like keeping your knives handy or easy access to dishcloths. Repositioning these items can make a world of difference and look great too. Use a basket for your dishcloths to keep them close but also for style. A nice knife block is a great way to keep your knives within reach and tucked away in a corner. And using a large jar for your cooking utensils will free up plenty of counter space.

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By adding hanging bins, you can almost completely clear your kitchen countertops from all sorts of clutter. Hanging bins offer an easy way to keep what you want visible and reposition it off the counter entirely. These can hold your spices near the stove, your dishwashing items near the sink or even plants to give your kitchen a little bit of greenery.

Let your kitchen countertops stand out by keeping them clean and visible. You can do that by staying organized with some of these great tips.